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4 weeks prior! ( if you use ready-made aloe vera oil, forget this step)

Put the olive oil in a mason jar and add the aloe vera leaves/pieces. Make sure that de jar is filled till the top and that the aloe vera pieces stays below the oil. This makes that the active ingredients will be absorbed by the oil.

Melt the sheabutter, coconut butter and palm oil until the mixture is liquid but keep the heat as low as possible. Add the olive oil and when you use aloe vera oil, this oil too. Then add the other ingredients (bentonite clay, kaolin clay, almond oil, walnut oil) except the natrium hydroxide. When de mixture has a smooth surface, dissolve the natrium hydroxide in a little water. Heat this up as the same temperature as the clay and oil mixture and then add the natrium hydroxide to it. Make sure it is well stirred with a hand blender. Give it a frequent stir during the cooling. 

As soon as the mixture is solid, pour into your shaving bowl. Leave it for 6 weeks in a low temperature area and your luxury shaving soap is ready to use. It’s a real treat!

Kind regards,

Jordy Zwaard


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