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Put the sheabutter and the almond oil together in a pan on a low heat because shea butter will melt quickly. Make sure the ingredients are both well mixed and melted. Remove the pan from heat. Take a measuring cup and melt the glycerin soap ( maximum 20 seconds in the microwave (low heat). When it is not all the way melted, put it back in the microwave for 10 seconds. You can add colorant when the soap is melted, mix and add the essential oil to the soap. Don’t worry if you notice some oil on the surface. Just keep stirring until there is just a little bit of oil left on the surface, this will not effect the result. When you add the sugar, the mixture hardens within 20 seconds so make sure the mold is prepared before you finally add the sugar. You have to stir it very quickly and pour it into the cake mold. You can press a little when it is all in the mold and let it harden for a day. The next day you can take the block from the mold and cut into little cubes (2 cm x 2 cm).


Sakura Zeep


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