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You need a thermometer which covers a scale of 100 °C in order to measure the temperature of your melting wax. An ordinary home thermometer is sufficient in case you use plastic molds as they cannot stand a temperature higher than 82 degrees. Although candles can burn easily without using a thermometer, many problems can be avoided by controlling the temperature before pouring the wax into the mold. 


This is needed in order to measure the amount of wax and other materials you use. A digital home scale of 1g up to 2kg is ideal. 


A wooden spoon is needed in order to stir the paraffin, the stearin and the color pigments well, once it has reached the right temperature.  It is important to stir frequently since the color pigments are heavier than the paraffin so they will sink. A tablespoon or soup ladle with a spout is convenient to easily remove the wax from the melting pan. 


Spoon your melted wax in the can in order to pour the wax into the mold. The pouring is easier when using a pour can. We advise using a metal can because it is then subjected to the least temperature loss.


Most candles are created in molds, which exist in many shapes and sizes. You can find them in the more professional hobby shops. Special shapes can be created with molds which consist of two parts (spherical for example). Molds do not have to be expensive: take a look at kitchen equipment, also an empty milk carton, yoghurt jars, baking molds or other packing material can serve as mold. The only requirement is that the mold should be able to bear a temperature of 85°C or higher and that the inside of the mold is smooth so you can easily remove the candle. 


Use these to secure the wick on the upper side of the mold. In most of the plastic molds a notch can be found in which you can fix the skewer. This will ensure that your wick will stay in the center of the candle. 


Both can be used in order to hide flaws in the candle. You can use a hairdyer to pre-heat the mold in order to keep the wax hot as long as possible. This will result in a beautiful shiny candle. Be careful with plastic when using a blowlamp, these will start melting if you point at the plastic.


An efficient way to clean the used materials is to collect them in an old rectangular baking pan on a baking tray of your oven. Cover the baking tray with baking paper or aluminum. Cans can be best placed straight so the wax stays in the can, shapes can be best put upside down. Set your oven at 80°C in convection function and your timer for 60 minutes. Keep household paper at hand. Remove the cleaned equipment from the oven after 60 minutes and dry them immediately with household paper. Speed is a must since the molted paraffin starts to solidify as soon as it gets in contact with air so remove your equipment piece by piece from the oven.  Catch the liquid paraffin from the oven tray in an old bowl and remove the baking paper.


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