Promotion Partners


Bring in new customers for SoapQueen...

...and get an extra discount on your order on top of your customer discount,

or have the cumulative discounts that you have saved, credited to your bank account.



  • Both consumers and companies can participate in becoming a Promotion Partner. Apply here.
  • The Promotion Partner receives a personal couponcode.
  • As a Promotion Partner you are allowed to distribute and publish this PP code to motivate new customers.
  • This PP code gives new customers a 7,5% discount on orders at SoapQueen.
  • The PP couponcode is not valid in conjunction with any other discount codes. 
  • The Promotion Partner receives a part of the turnover that results from the orders with his / her personal promotion code. (commission)
  • The percentage of the commission increases as you bring in more new customers  (See table below).
  • You can use the “variable discount code” to bring in new customers easily.
  • For example: Set the PP code at 10% for new customers and decrease your commission with 2,5%.
  • The discount and the commission together cannot exceed 20%.
  • When you place a backlink to, you receive 1% commission extra.
  • When you place a backlink to, you also receive 1% commission extra. 
  • Maximum commission = 11% of the turnover that result from PP code orders.
  • You can only get commission over orders that are placed by new customers who use a PP code.
  • Promotie Partners who own a website or blog can apply for an ID-link.
  • When an order is placed by an ID-link, you also get commission when the orderer is already a customer.
  • It is possible to have personal ID links directly linked to products in our web shop.
  • The commission amount that is saved, is paid monthly in the form of an order discount (PR).
  • These PR order discount can be saved up to a maximum of € 200 per account.
  • You can only use one PR discount per order or you can use it every 30 days.
  • The PR discount that is saved up can be combined with other discounts.
  • It is possible to have your commission* paid out to your bank account maximum 1 time every 30 days.  
  • * 60% of the saved credit.
  • Business Partners can receive up to 1% extra loyalty discount as a Promotional Partner.
  • The Promotion Partners have no obligations and are not committed to anything.
  • This is just a soap that washes on both sides! (sinds april 2008)


Summary of the basic commission percentages:

New customersPromotie Partner statusBasic Commission
0 tot 5 customersStarting Promotie Partner5% of turnover
6 tot 10 customersBronze Promotie Partner6% of turnover
11 tot 15 customersSilver Promotion Partner7% of turnover
16 tot 20 customersGolden Promotion Partner8% of turnover
21 tot 25 customersPlatinum Promotion Partner9% of turnover
from 26 customersDiamant Promotion Partner10% of turnover


Extra rewards:

Backlink to online-zeepwinkel.nl1% extra commission
Backlink to soapqueen.eu1% extra commission

When you bring in most customers of the month

€ 10 BONUS

Every 25th customer or ID order

€ 25 BONUS



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