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  • Essential oil Camphor - EO042
    Essential oil Camphor - EO042

    Camphor is an evergreen tree belonging to the Lauraceae family. Growing up to 30 metres high, it has clusters of white flowers, red berries, and produces a crystalline substance from the wood – crude camphor.

    € 1,95
  • Essential oil Marjoram (Sweet) - EO039
    Essential oil Marjoram (Sweet) - EO039

    Wild harvested from the strong smelling bushy plant. Marjoram is a small shrub, up to 30 cm high with small camphor-scented leaves with white flowers in summer. The whole plant is highly aromatic.

    € 3,95
  • Essential oil Thyme (white) - EO038
    Essential oil Thyme (white) - EO038

    Thymus Vulgaris is a species of flowering plant in the mint family Lamiaceae, native to southern Europe from the western Mediterranean to southern Italy. Thymus Vulgaris a small, evergreen herb that grows low to the ground.

    € 3,95
  • TOP 5 Product

    Magnesium Chloride - Magnesium salt - cosmetisch - OGR18
    Magnesium Chloride - Magnesium salt - cosmetisch - OGR18

    100% natural and extra pure cosmetic grade magnesium chloride (47%). The purest cosmetic variant available in the Netherlands. Produced by separating and purifying the water from the Dead Sea. No additives are made in

    € 3,25
  • Essential oil Rose Absolute - EO036
    Essential oil Rose Absolute - EO036

    Our Rose Absolute is extracted from petals of the Rosa Damascena flower. This oil is a viscous liquid with a warm, spicy floral scent (rose).

    € 29,45
  • Essential oil Lavender (nature identical) - EO032
    Essential oil Lavender (nature identical) - EO032

    A mixture of natural and nature identical materials, which in its totality come really close to the profile and the fragrance characteristics of the real Lavender oil.

    € 2,90


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