SoapQueen glycerin soap

Glycerinsoap - melt & pour soap: These certified soap cakes are suitable to cut in pieces or pour in another shape/mold. These sweat free soaps are created especially for the use in soap chains or other decorative ends. They are suitable for ordinary use as well. 

lilaparelmoer.jpg lichtblauwparelmoer.jpg goudparelmoer.jpg lichtrozeparelmoer.jpg

sizes: 22 cm x 8 cm x 6 cm

Note: colors can differ a little per production and from the photo. 

19-06-2021: SoapQueen will completely stop the production and sale of products for end users.

This way we stay out of the "soapy water" of the manufacturers who use our raw materials.

Stock will be sold out with 40% or 45% DISCOUNT!


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