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For your information: the image is of a transparent soap.

How to properly cut and melt the 11,5 kg blocks. 

Due to the volume, a limited amount of titanium dioxide will always sink to the bottom in the production of white soap. As a result, the concentration is not distributed entirely equal.

Therefore it is important to always cut the soap from top to bottom as indicated on the photo.

The melting temperature of the sweat free soap (WLS - GGB02) is about 50 degrees Celsius and is therefore editable for a longer period of time compared to other basic soaps. Pour the soap when it has a temperature of about 55 to 60 degrees Celsius (definitely not above 70 degrees)


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Semi-finished product: 

Our packages of 11,5 kg are semi-finished products. Meaning that our soap is poured directly from the production process into the package. This is only possible in case the product is bought directly from the producer. This gives you the guarantee that the product is pure and fair and does not contain questionable ingredients, which can cause problems in the event of inspections and quality checks of the Food and Drugs authority. 

Soap is a cosmetic product that must meet strict requirements.

A semi-finished product is often indicated by a light flaky structure when cutting. It is intended that this soap will be melted. After melting the soap is nicely even just as our 1 kg packages. In case you find a package which is very solid white, there is a big chance that the soap was melted and therefore was not directly brought to you from the producer. It is possible that the soap is not entirely in order with the European regulations.  

Therefore you should always ask for the original MSDS (safety data sheets) from the producer itself in order to guarantee the quality of the soap. 

Our advice is to never purchase soap that does not have listed any ingredients. 

Did you know...

... In many countries different cosmetic regulations apply than in the European Union. In the VS for example, it is allowed to list ingredients in a wrong order. Furthermore it is accepted to leave out certain ingredients on the label.  

Please note that listing the ingredients in a way which differs from reality is not allowed in the EU so be careful in case you want to market that kind of soap in the Netherlands.


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