Pouring candles

Melt casting wax at a temperature between 60°C and 90°C. Pouring out at low temperature gives a rough effect and at higher temperatures the candle will be smoother. Add 5 - 15% stearin for whiter and stronger candles. Stearin also takes care of shrinking, which simplifies the releasing of the candle from the mold. In case it is still difficult to remove the candle from the mold you can spray the mold with solvent. Prepare the mold with the suitable wick: the thicker the candle; the thicker the wick. 




During the solidification the wax will shrink. A shrink hole, which cannot be avoided will arise. We do have a solution for this shrink hole by pouring extra wax in de mold; prick several holes around the wick during the solidification mode and fill them with wax. Repeat this (if necessary) several times. This will limit the shrink hole. The amount of shrinking depends on the recipe, the temperature and the sizes of the mold. 





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