Coloring candles

Candles can be colored by "dipping" or thoroughly. Our colors are suitable for both methods. 
The color dose depends on the surface roughness of the candle, the nature of the color, the cross-section of the candle and in case of dipping the temperature and of course the desired end result. The color pigments can be added directly to the to be colored mass with a stir bar or even better stirred with an electrical stirrer (mixer). Right after this you can directly start editing/processing the mass. 

Guideline amount of addition:

Dipping at 80º C
1 time dipping = ca. 1,5% (15 grams per kg wax).
2 times dipping = ca. 1,0% (10 grams per kg wax).
In order to reach the desired effect, one can increase or decrease the amount. Darker colors can carry a higher concentration.

Thorough coloring
Add ca. 0,1% - 0,2% p/kg (1 - 2 grams per kg wax).
In order to reach the desired color, one can increase or decrease the amount. Darker colors can carry a higher concentration.

Guideline processing:
1. Weigh accurately, by means of a scale, the necessary amount of color pigment. Or count the amount of the to be processed color tablets. 
2. Dissolve the color pigment in a separate mixing cup with a ratio of 1 : 10 wherein the temperature of the wax while mixing is about 90˚C.
3. Mix with an electrical mixer to a homogenous mass until the color pigment is completely melted and evenly distributed in the wax. 
4. Pour this concentrate to the other to be colored wax and mix again until you obtain a homogenous mass.
5. Control if the desired color is obtained before starting with the production of the candles.


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