recipe - Orange Cinnamon Soap Pie

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  • Slice 1kg of white glycerinsoap into small pieces and melt until it is all liquid. After that you can add the (preferred amount of) fragrance oil and use a few drops of brown colorant to color this layer. Try to add that much colorant so the color of the layer looks like cake. 
  • Spray some alcohol on the baking mold and pour the first layer of soap in the mold. Let this layer harden for about 20 minutes.
  • Then melt 1kg of the transparent glycerin soap and again add the amount of fragrance you prefer. This layer is supposed to be brown-orange so gently add some brown / orange colorant to the soap.  Spray some alcohol at the surface of the first soap-layer in the bakingmold and pour the second layer (brown-orange) on top of the first. Again, let it harden for 20 minutes.
  • All the transparent glycerin soap that is left can be melted now and use the orange and yellow colorant to color this layer. Again, add the amount of fragrance you prefer.
  • Make sure you spray the second layer with some alcohol before you pour the last (third) layer of soap. 
  • Let this harden for 4 hours.
  • Take the rebatch bar, grate it down and add boiling water while stirring. Keep pouring water until the mixture has the texture of mash. 
  • Remove the soap-pie from the baking mold and place it on a table or cakestand you can rotate. (Cake turntable).
  • After you put the mixture in the pastry bag, you can start decorating the cake. The easiest way is to decorate is draw the piping bag from outward to the center. You can use a variety of piping tips to create different textures . Once the frosting is applicated you can break the cinnamon sticks, cut the oranges slices in 4 parts and decorate the cake.
  • Let the cake rest for one night. he next day you can cut some nice slices.

The next day you can cut some nice slices.

TIP: you can use a mini bow for a perfect finish :) and don't forget to make a card that says: DO NOT EAT ME.



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