recipe - Candylicious Soap


A super cute soap filled to the top with sweets!





  • Step 1.  Take a large piece of aluminium foil and fold a square “cake bottom”. In this you will pour two layers of soap, so ensure that the sides of the square are high enough.
  • Step 2. Take 250 gram white pour soap, divide into small pieces and let melt completely.
  •  Step 3. The white pour soap does not need to be coloured, give this soap a nice fragrance of choice (perfume oil 
  • Step 4. Spray your homemade cake bottom with alcohol. Pour all the white soap in the mold. (Let dry for about 7 minutes) 
  • Step 5.  Take 150 gram white pour soap, cut in small parts and let melt completely. 
  • Step 6. Colour this pour soap with PIGMENT SOLUTION. In case you use a colour on water base, it will run through the entire soap, which would be a shame. 
  • Step 7. Once you have coloured this soap, you can add a fragrance as well.  
  • Step 8. Spray the previous (white) layer of soap with alcohol and then pour the coloured layer of soap on top of it. (Leave for 10 minutes 
  • Step 9. Now you can remove the soap carefully from the foil. Place on a flat working space and roll tightly so that you have a nice soap roll. 
  • Step 10. Cut the soap roll into thin slices = 1 cm per slice (you will notice this looks exactly like candy) 
  • Step 11. Take a soap mold of choice and take the right amount of transparent soap (melt this) 
  • Step 12. Add fragrance to your transparent soap, NO COLOUR 
  • Step 13. Pour the soap in the desired mold and spray the surface with alcohol. 
  • Step 14. Spray the soap candy with a thin layer of alcohol and let drop carefully intro the transparent pour soap. (if desired you can replace or move the “candy” with a wooden skewer) 
  • Step 15. Spray the surface with alcohol once more and let dry well. 
  • Step 16. Remove the soap from the mold and enjoy your creation!

(Be careful with children)




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