What is HDPE plastic?

Our natural base oils up to 1 liter are supplied in HDPE plastic bottles.

HDPE is excellent recyclable.

HDPE can be recognized by the following SPI Resin identification code:


HDPE is an abbreviation of High Density Polyetheen, or polyethylene high-density (PEHD) HDPE is a thermoplastic and is made under controlled conditions by applying intense heat to petroleum. A quarter of all manufactured polyetheen becomes HDPE. The remaining three-quarters is used for LDPE, another form of plastic that is softer and more flexible. 

Recycle HDPE plastic:

HDPE plastic is a safe material and excellent recyclable because it is melted easily. This material consists of carbon and hydrogen. With the incineration of HDPE there will be no release of harmful substances. However it is still rewarding to segregate HPDE from your household waste. Collected HPDE products will be washed and ground to result in a granulate for plastics. 

Common uses of HDPE?

HDPE is a rigid, strong, non-transparant, moisture resistant plastic that is used for plastic bottles and chemical containers, for example; soft drink bottles and shampoo. It is also used in products that are built to last, like toys and car parts. 

HPDE is not only a raw material for hard products but is also used for plastic bags and waste bags.  

Advantages HDPE over glass:

  • HDPE bottles are strong and lightweight at the same time.
  • These bottles don’t damage during shipment or when used or fall.
  • The lid is also recyclable, this is usually not the case with glass containers.
  • The production of HDPE has a much lower CO2 emission. (If that's important to you.)
  • A lower price because the production of glass has a CO2 tax. 


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