Eco-friendly packaging

SoapQueen Europe uses environmental friendly packaging material.

90% of our cardboard boxes are recycled or second-hand. 

85% of our cushioning material consists of Natural Kraft paper.

10% of our cushioning material consists of  Flo-pak® Natural.

5% of the filling material consists of ECO green air cushion foil.

5% deviates but is reused material that is already in circulation.



 Natural Kraft Paper 

Natural Kraft paper is unbleached to ensure minimal chemical treatment.

It's a biomaterial that is completely biodegradable.


It is also a mono-material that is easily and frequently recycled.

Its mechanical strength makes it perfect for lighter and reusable eco-designed packaging.




Flo-pak® Natural

The filling material Flo-pak® Natural, based on vegetable starch, disappears completely in a few seconds by spraying it with water. This very environmentally friendly filling material is flexible, shock-absorbing and non-static. Flo-pak® Natural filler chips fit together very well and enclose your products perfectly in their box or packaging, keeping them in place.


  • Colour: green.
  • Environmentally friendly: 100% natural.
  • Degradable upon contact with water.
  • Super light so you can ship cheaply.
  • Reusable and antistatic.
  • Shock-absorbing and self-locking padding chips.




ECO Green Air Cushion Foil

100% recycled material - color green


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