About pH value

The pH is a scale used to specify the acidity of a watery solution. At room temperature, 25°C, a neutral watery solution has a pH of 7. Neutral is neither acidic nor basic.
At 25 °C, solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic, and basic solutions have a pH greater than 7 and are therefore lower in acidity.

There are a lot of questions, claims and contrasts concerning pH and our skin. While one company claims that their product is “pH neutral for the skin”, another company claims that their products are manufactured without questionable chemicals in the “pH neutral” product. Both companies have a commercial interest in the right explanation. So how does it work? The real fraud about pH, soap and skin, is based on science.
And remember that most of the claims in the cosmetic industry are utter nonsense.

Your skin produces a mildly acidic film to protect itself to bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. This is called the Acid Mantle. Because it is acid, the most effective way to clean the skin, is with the use of an alkaline foaming system (soap!).
After cleaning, the skin directly starts to secrete the mantle.  Within 20 minutes it is again on one third of the original power and fully recovered within 2-3 hours.  Of course this can differ from person to person and there are also rare cases with extremely sick people, where this system fails.
In other words, do not worry about that. There are really no health reasons to choose one product over the other, merely based on the pH, when we presume that the pH values are between 3,30 (like an orange) and 10 ( piece of soap).

It is interesting to note that the mildest cleaner you can use -rightly manufactured handmade soap – also has the highest pH value of approximately 10.
The last years we received hundreds of declarations that eczema, dermatitis and other skin problems disappear after using the handmade soap for a couple of days , so don’t let anyone fool you that mildness and a low pH value are the same, that is just not true!

Bad quality and mass produced pieces of soap usually contain free alkali, which result in hard and drying soap. The manufacturers allow that there are remaining alkali in the soap. This is good for business but bad for your skin. It finds every last bit of natural oils of the skin and turns these into soap, what makes your skin dry and extremely clean. A high percentage of coconut oil in combination with common additions can also make mass production soap irritating to the skin.

The reason that this issue (which will be ignored) has become a marketing war, is that detergent ( read the discrepancy in: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) has a pH that is more acid than soap products.
Market traders use this as an advantage to promote their products.
About 12% of all people is hypersensitive to detergent. Others to preservatives, synthetic by-products, perfumes, and colorants used mass produced soap and detergent. But how do you, as a concerned consumer who cares and reads this, make a sensible decision to buy a product.

We come from the Earth. We consist of substances of the earth; the chemical groups and materials.
Our bodies are able or unable to process these natural chemical groups, which exist in plants, animals and minerals in our environment.


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