recipe - Slimy washing gel



 *salt solution: Mix 0,28 oz ( 8g ) of warm water and 0,11 oz ( 3g ) of salt and stir until it is dissolved. Keep in a glass bottle with a small opening or glass bottle with a pipette.


  • You can put a measuring cup on a scale and make sure there is 3oz of liquid soap in the cup. 
  • If you want you can add some drops of colorant and stir gently. Try to prevent foam. 
  • Now add the fragrance oil and the glitter.  Put the measuring cup back on the scale and add the salt solution. Mix the salt solution with the soap until it is a jelly-like substance.
  • Put this substance in a jar and it should not stick to your finger when you touch it.


Use: Put some gel on you finger and use to wash yourself.

Tania Nicholls van Nicholls Soap


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