safety information

1. The product 
Tradename:   "silli ® plastique". 2 Components, roomtemperature vulcanizing additive silicone rubber.

2. Composition and information of the product. Does not contain harmful substances for health, in accordance with Directive 67/548/EEG and the successive amendments and adaptations to technical progress.

3. Hazard information. Does not contain harmful substances for health, in accordance with Directive 67/548/EEG and the successive amendments and adaptations to technical progress.



No harm to employees was ever reported. However, in case of contact, inhalation or ingestion, the following general first aid measures apply;

  4.1 Inhalation: into fresh air. If breathing is difficult, seek artificial respiration and seek medical advice.

 4.2 Ingestion: consult a physician. Vomiting only if indicated by the doctor. Never give an unconscious person anything by mouth.

 4.3 Eyes and skin: wash with plenty of water, if irritation persists, consult a doctor.



Closed containers exposed to heat can lead to overpressure and explode in the heat of a fire. For information on environmental and health hazard, protection of the respiratory airways, ventilation and individual protective measures refer to the other sections of this sheet.

5.1 Extinguishing Media: CO2, foam, AFFF, chemical powder for flammable liquids. Water may not be effective to extinguish the fire, nevertheless it must be used to cool the containers that are exposed to flame as well as to prevent fires and explosions. For leakage and spillage that have not caught fire, spray water can be used fire to disperse the flammable vapors and protect the people involved in stopping the leakage.



6.1 Physical state and color: Bi-component silicones. The basic component is colored in green.

6.2 Scent: odorless   

6.3 Solubility: insoluble in water. Not to transform when fully developed.

6.4 Comburent properties: not comburent for EEC

6.5 pH: na  

6.6 Flashpoint: > 200 ° C  

6.7 Vapor pressure: <0,01 kPa a 20 ° C 

6.8 Density: 1,45 g/cm3



1. Directive 1999/45/EG and subsequent amendments,

2. Directive 67/548/EEG and following amendments and adjustments (technical adjustment XXVIII) 

3. Directive 91/155/EEG and subsequent amendments  

4. The Merck Index. - 10e edition, 

5. Handling chemical safety;  

6. NIOSH - Registry of toxic effects of chemicals;

7. INRS - Fiche Toxicologique (Toxicological sheet), 

8. Patty - industrial hygiene and toxicology;  

9. N.I. Sax-Dangerous properties of industrial materials-7, 1989 Edition;

Note for users: The information in this sheet are based on our own knowledge on the date of the latest edition. Users should check the suitability of the given information according to every specific use of the product. This document is not undermined to the direct control, and therefore users should, by their own responsibility, ensure that they are in accordance with the current health and safety rules and regulations. The producer and seller shall be relieved of all liability for improper use.​


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