recipe - Soy Wax Melts


Use: for an aromatherapy burner, oil burner, wax burner. 

The soy wax is most suitable. Recipe for 100 melts.



*Synergies are essential oil blends that combine complementary essential oils to enhance the oils' therapeutic capabilities. When diffused, they produce beautiful, powerful aromas. 


Make sure that the wax melts are the right size. Melts of 0,35oz will fit in most of the wax/oil burners.

Melt all of the soy wax in a pan ( or microwave) but don’t overheat, so no boiling. After melting, add the essential oils, the fragrance and colorant and stir it well. Pour into the molds and let the wax harden in a few hours. Pop the melts out of the molds . Now you can enjoy this lovely scent in your living room. Place one of the soy wax melts in a wax burner, add a tealight and enjoy the scent for about 8-10 hours. This soy wax does not splash or turns dry. The wax melts does not burn completely.

To replace the wax melt, allow the wax to solidify and pop out the used wax.

Tip: Create your own scent by combining multiple melts.


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