recipe - Edible Bodybutter





Take 40 gram mild olive oil ( because of the mild scent ) and melt this together with the 80 gram coco oil ( for coconut lovers preferably with scent ) Mix well with a mixer for about three minutes and place in the fridge for five minutes. Ad 1 to 2 levelled teaspoons of corn starch half way to improve the absorbing on the skin and for a less greasy feeling. So far it is an edible version.

For the ones who like more or different fragrances, essential oil of choice can be added. I like to use pineapple and / or coconut because it smells like pina colada! But this one is not for eating or tasting! 

The butter has a light SPF factor due to the oil that was used. However, for the light or not sun-familiar skin you will have to use accurate sunscreen. It is a lovely skin and hair care product for after tanning as well.

The butter can be used perfectly as a massage product.



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