The burning heart of the candle

The wick, is a very important part of the candle. The right choice of the wick contributes to the incineration. For almost every type of candle exists the right wick. 

There are three main types of wicks: 

- Flat wick 

For dip- and casting candles.

- Round wick

Especially suitable for the in beeswax dipped or in beeswax honeycomb rolled candles. 

Note! These wicks have a top and bottom. Always place the wick with the top side in the candle. The topside is noticeable by its v-shaped braid.

- Special wick

I.a. wax wicks are equipped with a wick sustainer. The wick sustainer prevents the wick from tipping over and simplifies the application of the wick in the mold or jar. 

The wick determines the size of the flame and the fire mirror of the candle. The fire mirror is always round. A candle with a different form will therefore never entirely burn. The rests of paraffin can of course be re-melted and used as filling paraffin for example!

Choice of wick:

There is not a recipe for the right choice of your wick. In case you produce a large series of candles, we advise to test your wick choice! 

>>>Table wick choice<<<

Various factors have an influence: 

- Composition of the mass:

Paraffin, stearin, beeswax, gel wax or mutual compositions

- Diameter of the candle

- Shape of the candle:

Cylindrical, conical, gothic or other shapes.

- Additions of color(s): 

Dipped or thoroughly colored.

- Additions of fragrance(s): 

Type and amount. 

- Other ‘additions’:

Dipped over, marble wax etcetera


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