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Produce your own synergy-mixture with several essential oils and create your own unique fragrance. 

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  • Essential  oil Jasmine Absolute - EO047
    Essential oil Jasmine Absolute - EO047

    Jasminum grandiflorum is a scrambling, deciduous shrub growing to 2 - 4 metres. The leaves are opposite, 5 - 12 cm long, pinnate with 5 -11 leaflets. The flowers are produced in open cymes, the individual flowers are white

    € 35,95
  • Essential oil Anise (Staranise) - EO035
    Essential oil Anise (Staranise) - EO035

    Anise is a manual fruit of a tree or bush of less than a meter high, with fine leaves and white flowers. Staranis Fruit / seed oil is obtained through steam destillation of the seeds.

    € 2,30
  • Essential oil Bergamot (FCF) - EO003
    Essential oil Bergamot (FCF) - EO003

    Bergamot is a subspecies of the orange tree, which is cultivated in almost all subtropical countries. The tree originates from West-India. Christoffel Columbus would have entailed the tree from the Canary Islands.

    € 2,45
  • Essential oil Camphor - EO042
    Essential oil Camphor - EO042

    Camphor is an evergreen tree belonging to the Lauraceae family. Growing up to 30 metres high, it has clusters of white flowers, red berries, and produces a crystalline substance from the wood – crude camphor.

    € 1,95
  • Essential oil Cedar wood (Atlas) - EO044
    Essential oil Cedar wood (Atlas) - EO044

    Cedarwood is an evergreen tree belonging to the Pinaceae family. Growing up to 40 metres high, it has aromatic wood and is triangular in shape.

    € 2,05
  • Essential oil Cedarwood Red Virginia (Mexicana) - EO004
    Essential oil Cedarwood Red Virginia (Mexicana) - EO004

    This essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the wood and twigs of the Red cedar (Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana L., Cupressaceae).

    € 2,25
  • Essential oil Citronella - EO007
    Essential oil Citronella - EO007

    Just like the Ceylon-citronella, the Javanese version, called Java maha pengiri, is a fragrant grass species. This type is cultivated in all tropical cities, especially in Java, Vietnam and Argentina.

    € 2,55
  • Essential oil Coriander - EO012
    Essential oil Coriander - EO012

    Coriander is an annual plant, which originates from South-Europe and the Middle East. It is a very old herb, which was used for years in the kitchen and in medicine.

    € 4,05
  • Essential oil Eucalyptus - EO009
    Essential oil Eucalyptus - EO009

    The eucalyptus globulus is one of the more than 700 known eucalyptus species which originate from Australia. Eucalyptus is, since this plant can process huge amounts of water, often planted to lay marshes dry.

    € 2,39
  • Essential oil Frankincense - EO045
    Essential oil Frankincense - EO045

    Frankincense, also called olibanum, is an aromatic resin, obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia in the family Burseraceae which originates from the Middle East, with abundant pinnacle leaves and has white or pale pink flowers

    € 5,95
  • Essential oil Geranium - EO010
    Essential oil Geranium - EO010

    Geranium is a to 1 meter high, hairy bush. Actually the plant is not called Geranium, but "pelargonium”. As the name geranium has now been completely established, we continue to use the name geranium.

    € 5,15
  • Essential oil Grapefruit - EO011
    Essential oil Grapefruit - EO011

    Grapefruit is an evergreen tree, which can reach a height of 10 meters. It originates from Asia and is now especially cultivated in California, Florida, Brazil and Israel.

    € 3,35
  • Essential oil Juniper - EO043
    Essential oil Juniper - EO043

    Juniper is an evergreen shrub belonging to the Cupressaceae family. Growing up to 6 metres high, it has blue/green needles, round berries and small flowers.

    € 2,85
  • Essential oil Laurel - EO037
    Essential oil Laurel - EO037

    Laurus nobilis is an aromatic evergreen tree or large shrub with green, glossy leaves, native to the Mediterranean region. The laurel can vary greatly in size and height, sometimes reaching 10 - 18 metres tall.

    € 3,35
  • Essential oil Lavender - EO014
    Essential oil Lavender - EO014

    In South Europa and North Afrika Lavender is mostly cultivated for the extraction of oil. Especially the Provence is famous for its Lavender fields.

    € 3,75
  • Essential oil Lemon - EO005
    Essential oil Lemon - EO005

    Lemon is a small to 6 meter high, evergreen tree. It originates from Asia, most probably India. The tree is especially cultivated in Italy, Span, Portugal, Cyprus, Israel and in America (especially in California and Florida).

    € 2,25
  • Essential oil Lemongrass - EO006
    Essential oil Lemongrass - EO006

    Pure essential oil of Lemongrass. Lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus, is a to 1,5 mtr. high fastgrowing aromatic grass type, with an extensive root system, which rapidly depletes the soil.

    € 2,15
  • Essential oil Lime - EO015
    Essential oil Lime - EO015

    Lime is a small evergreen tree belonging to the Rutaceae family. Growing up to 4.5 metres high, it has sharp spines, ovate leaves, green fruit and small, white flowers.

    € 2,80
  • Essential oil Mandarin - EO031
    Essential oil Mandarin - EO031

    The mandarin tree is often smaller than that of the sweet orange, usually attaining a height of only 5 metres. Sometimes thorny or spiny, this willowy evergreen tree has slender drooping twigs, and broad or narrow lanceolate leave

    € 2,45
  • Essential oil Marjoram (Sweet) - EO039
    Essential oil Marjoram (Sweet) - EO039

    Wild harvested from the strong smelling bushy plant. Marjoram is a small shrub, up to 30 cm high with small camphor-scented leaves with white flowers in summer. The whole plant is highly aromatic.

    € 3,95
  • Essential oil May Chang (Litsea) - EO016
    Essential oil May Chang (Litsea) - EO016

    Although rarely applied in aromatherapy, it is one of the top 10 most important essential oils. The annual production contributes to about 1.000.000 kg.

    € 3,60
  • Essential oil Mint (Field mint) - EO026
    Essential oil Mint (Field mint) - EO026

    In low dose stimulating for the digestion and the heart. In heavy dose stimulating, narcotic, analgesic. Improves the gall production and the emptying of the gallbladder.

    € 2,15
  • Essential oil Mint (Peppermint) - EO017
    Essential oil Mint (Peppermint) - EO017

    Peppermint is a perennial herb belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Growing up to 1 metre high, it has elongated, oval leaves and two variations: “white” and “black” peppermint.

    € 2,55
  • Essential oil Orange (Bitter) - EO030
    Essential oil Orange (Bitter) - EO030

    Orange is an evergreen tree belonging to the Rutaceae family. Growing up to 10 metres high, it has glossy, oval leaves and fragrant white flowers.

    € 3,55
  • Essential oil Orange (Sweet) - EO024
    Essential oil Orange (Sweet) - EO024

    The sweet orange grows on a small, evergreen tree, originating from China. Today the sweet orange is mainly cultivated in California, Florida and around the Mediterranean Sea.

    € 1,75
  • Essential oil Orange blossom (mixed) - EO019
    Essential oil Orange blossom (mixed) - EO019

    Citrus aurantium Flower Oil is a essential oil derived from the flowers of the sour orange, Citrus aurantium, Rutaceae.

    € 2,75
  • Essential oil Palmarosa - EO028
    Essential oil Palmarosa - EO028

    Palmarosa is a herb with a grass-like leaves. The plant originates from India and Pakistan and now exists in Africa, Indonesia, Brazil and the Comoros as well.

    € 3,15
  • Essential oil Patchouli - EO025
    Essential oil Patchouli - EO025

    Patchouli is a bushy plant, which can reach a height of 1 meter. The plant originates from Indonesia and the Philippines.

    € 3,25
  • Essential oil Petitgrain - EO029
    Essential oil Petitgrain - EO029

    The bitter orange tree is an evergreen tree, which can reach a height of 10 meters and originates from India and China. In comparison with the sweet orange, the bitter orange is smaller and more heart-shaped.

    € 3,20
  • Essential oil Pine - EO008
    Essential oil Pine - EO008

    The Pine is a evergreen which can reach a height of 40 m. The pine distinguishes itself from the firs since the needles are grouped by two. The Pine originates from Eurasia and has now spread throughout the northern hemisphere.

    € 2,95
  • Essential oil Rose Absolute - EO036
    Essential oil Rose Absolute - EO036

    Our Rose Absolute is extracted from petals of the Rosa Damascena flower. This oil is a viscous liquid with a warm, spicy floral scent (rose).

    € 29,45
  • Essential oil Rosemary - EO018
    Essential oil Rosemary - EO018

    Rosemary is a bush, which can reach a height of 1,5 meter and originates from the areas around the Mediterranean Sea. Today rosemary almost grows all over the world.

    € 2,65
  • Essential oil Rosemary (nature identical) - EO034
    Essential oil Rosemary (nature identical) - EO034

    A mixture of natural and nature identical materials, which in its totality come really close to the profile and the fragrance characteristics of the real Rosemary oil.

  • Essential oil Sandalwood (Australia) - EO046
    Essential oil Sandalwood (Australia) - EO046

    Sandalwood is a small shrub that belongs to the Santalaceae family. The trees grow up to 6 meters high, have a grey/green leaf and are tolerant towards drought and salt.

    € 29,50
  • Essential oil Tea tree - EO020
    Essential oil Tea tree - EO020

    Tea Tree is a small tree belonging to the Myrtaceae family. Growing up to 6 metres high, it has needle-like leaves an yellow or purple flowers.

    € 2,80
  • Essential oil Thyme (white) - EO038
    Essential oil Thyme (white) - EO038

    Thymus Vulgaris is a species of flowering plant in the mint family Lamiaceae, native to southern Europe from the western Mediterranean to southern Italy. Thymus Vulgaris a small, evergreen herb that grows low to the ground.

    € 3,95
  • Essential oil Vetiver - EO021
    Essential oil Vetiver - EO021

    Vetiver is a grass species originating from India. Today the plant is cultivated in most tropical areas. Currently Java and Haiti are the most important producers.

    € 8,85
  • New Manufacturer

    Essential oil Ylang Ylang - EO022
    Essential oil Ylang Ylang - EO022

    Ylang Ylang is a tropical tree belonging to the Annonaceae family. Growing up to 20 metres high, it has fragrant pink, mauve or yellow flowers.

    € 4,55
  • Essential oil Ylang Ylang (blend) - EO048
    Essential oil Ylang Ylang (blend) - EO048

    Ylang Ylang is a tropical tree, which can reach a height of 20 meters and originates from Indonesia and the Philippines.

  • Essential oils Sweet Basil - EO023
    Essential oils Sweet Basil - EO023

    Basil originates from the far East, and reached our latitudes in the 16th century. In India Basil (in this case ocimum sanctum L.) is known as Tulsi.

    € 4,35


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