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How to use “silli plastique”, moldable culinary silicone?

Creating molds yourself is easy and fun. With the unique moldable culinary silicone by sillicreations mix, you knead every desired shape. The silicone look like clay and are very easy to use. The molds created with ‘silli plastique ©’ are very flexible, and therefore very well applicable. And since you only use what you need, it is a product, which is very efficient in its use and affordable!

The process is as follows: you take two even parts of A and B. Mix and knead these two parts for about one minute until the mass has one even color. From that moment you have 10 minutes to use the silicone. Press the object, which you would like to have as your mold into the silicone. Let it rest for at least two to three hours. Ensure that the silicone is well elaborated. To contribute this process you can let the silicone harden in a preheated oven at a temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius. After the mold is carefully cleaned with hot water it is ready for use. When you order our ‘silli pastique ©’ you will always receive part A and B. This means that if you order 1 kg, you will receive 500 grams of part A and 500 grams of part B.

Our moldable silicone can, with the right applications, be used safely for foods. Heat resistant to 250 degrees Celsius. The silicone have a shelf-life of 18 months and once its processed they have an unlimited durability. 


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