Step 1

Weigh two equal parts of silicone. Put the silicone on a greased piece of baking paper. 

This ensures that the silli does not stick to the surface. 

Also grease your hands. 



Step 2

 Knead and mix the paste to one homogenous mass. 

No white should be visible anymore.



Step 3

Press the object carefully but tight in the ‘silli plastique ©’.

Make sure that all details can be absorbed well. 

All shapes can be pressed in the silli. 

Think of beads, chains and cameos etcetera.



Step 4

Let the mold rest at room temperature for two hours.  

Take the object carefully from the mold. 

Let the mold rest for another two to three hours depending on the size and thickness. 

Putting the silicone in the oven for one hour at 100 degrees Celsius can accelerate this. 

Ensure that the silicones are completely elaborated.

Wash the mold in the dishwasher before they can be used. 




INSTRUCTIONS (printable)


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