Orders must be filled in online at all times.

Minimum order amount = € 35 (incl. VAT and costs)

 Regular customers receive 7,50% discount with the KS-discount code.

This KS-discount code can be found on the packing slip and is valid for 6 months.

The costs ARE DISPLAYED, but compensate in relation to the discount.

Examples based on shipping within the Netherlands:

  • you have an order amount of € 30,00 = € 5,74 shipping costs with KS code
  • you have an order amount of € 40,00 = € 4,99 shipping costs with KS code
  • you have an order amount of € 60,00 = € 3,49 shipping costs with KS code
  • you have an order amount of € 80,00 = € 1,99 shipping costs with KS code
  • you have an order amount of  € 107 : this equals to FREE SHIPPING (in the Netherlands) 
  • For Belgium this free shipping amount will be € 134 "with KS code"

Standard- and consumer discounts:

  • On orders from € 50,- a 5% discount will be subtracted from your bill - check discount code.
  • On orders from € 125,- a 7,50% discount will be subtracted from your bill – discount code: plus125
  • On orders from € 250,- a 10% discount will be subtracted from your bill – discount code: plus250
  • On orders from € 500,- a 12,50% discount will be subtracted from your bill – discount code: plus500
  • On orders from € 1.000,- a 15% discount will be subtracted from your bill – discount code: plus1000
  • On all reorders, within six months, a loyalty discount of 7,50 % will be given. (on packing slip)
  • VIP Card: 10% up to 12,50% discount – available on request.
  • VIP Card Deluxe: One year free shipping for order from € 35.

Business Discounts:

  • Business Card: Business Advantages, free shipping and up to 20% discount
  • Gold Card: 20% discount + free shipping without a minimum order amount.


  • Discount codes cannot be combined.
  • Please enter the code yourself. (then click on "Apply")


 1. Processing, Packaging & Shipping costs

Packages are shipped by PostNL (MyParcel).

IMPORTANT: mailbox post is not possible.

Packages need to be signed for when delivered at all times.  It is not possible to leave a package unattended. One can decide to have the package delivered at a neighbour or a package-shop.

The day of shipment you will receive an e-mail with shipping information and track & trace link.


STANDARD: € 7,99 (incl. 21% VAT) = € 6,60 excl. VAT

URGENT: € 14,00 (incl. 21% VAT) = € 11,57 excl. VAT

APPOINTMENT: € 15,00 (incl. 21% VAT)€ 12,40 excl. VAT




STANDARD: € 9,95 (incl. 21% VAT) = € 8,22 excl. VAT 

URGENT: € 16,00 (incl. 21% VAT) = € 13,22 excl. VAT 

Shipping prices for international orders consisting of 1 package. (21 kg up to 30 kg)

We have cheaper rates for packages from 1 kg up to 20 kg. (visible during ordering)

COUNTRY CHOICEincl. VATexcl. VAT €       VAT
Austria €    18,00 €    15,00 €       3,00
Bulgaria€    37,50€    31,25€       6,35
Croatia€    39,00€    31,20€       7,80
Cyprus€    95,00 €    79,83€       15,17
Czech Republic€    24,50€    20,25€       4,25
Denmark€    19,50€    15,60 €       3,90
Estonia€    19,50€    16,25€       3,25
Finland €    35,00 €    28,23€       6,77
France €    25,00€    20,83 €       5,17
Germany€    12,50€    10,50 €       2,00
Germany URGENT*€    20,00 €    16,81 €       3,19
Greece€    99,00€    79,84€       19,16
Hungary€    24,50€    19,29€       5,21
Ireland€    25,00€    20,33€       4,67
Italy€    24,50€    20,08 €       4,42
Latvia€    24,50€    20,25€       4,25
Lithuania€    27,50€    22,73€       4,77
Luxembourg€    15,00 €    12,82€       2,18
Malta€    70,00€    59,32€       10,68
Poland€    20,00€    16,26€       3,74
Portugal€    24,50€    19,92€       4,58
Romenia€    25,00€    21,01€       3,99
Slovakia€    24,50€    20,42€       5,00
Slovenia€    24,50€    20,08€       4,08
Spain€    24,50€    20,25€       4,25
Sweden€    24,50€    19,60€       4,90


Extra document and clearance costs are calculated for these countries:

United Kingdom:

Shipping, packaging & administration costs:

  • Till 1 kg: € 16,00 (0% VAT)
  • Each extra kg:  € 1,00 will be added (0% VAT)
  • This price applies to all orders existing of one package. (max. 20 kg)
  • ExampleOne package from 10 kg = € 26,00


Andorra - Canary Islands - Iceland - Norway - Turkey - Ukraïne - Swiss:

Shipping, packaging & administration costs:

  • Till 1 kg: € 22,50 (0% VAT)
  • Each extra kg:  € 2,00 will be added (0% VAT)
  • This price applies to all orders existing of one package. (max. 20 kg)
  • Example: One package from 10 kg = € 42,50


Aruba - Curaçao - Suriname - Russia - USA:

Shipping, packaging & administration costs:

  • Till 1 kg: € 29,50 (0% VAT)
  • Each extra kg:  € 6,00 will be added (0% VAT)
  • This price applies to all orders existing of one package. (max. 20 kg)
  • ExampleOne package from 10 kg = € 87,50

2. Delivery

STANDARD shipping date: 3 to 6 working days after receipt of payment or after ordering via Klarna, if in stock.

URGENT shipping date: 1 to 3 working days after receipt of payment or after ordering via Klarna, if in stock.

In case one or more ordered products are not in stock, the customer will be updated by phone or via email before shipping.


3. Payment

  • Advance payment by invoice within 8 days after ordering, by bank transfer to bank account on behalf of SoapQueen:

          Bank - ABN AMRO (in name of SoapQueen)

          IBAN: NL35ABNA0444605541

          BIC: ABNANL2A

  • Pre-payment via internet banking with the IDEAL, Bancontact, PayPal, Creditcard, SOFORT Banking, KBC/CBC, Belfius, Apple pay.
  • After delivery*: Payment within 14 days of receipt) with Klarna. (for consumers)
  • * Not all countries support Klarna.
  • NON-Dutch companies with a valid VAT number will get a 0% VAT invoice*.

*More information Intra-community delivery.


4. Cancellation

Only for Businesses: NOTE!! As described in our Terms and Conditions, in case of cancellation a 25% of the invoice sum with a minimum of € 7,50 cancellation costs will be charged. An order will be automatically canceled in case it is not paid for or picked up within 30 days. The cancellation costs still apply here.

Costs may be deducted in the event of cancellation and refund of paid orders via online payment services. If the amount is converted into an order credit, these costs will be waived.


 5. Absence on delivery

All our shipments are handled by via MyParcel. You will receive an email on the day of the shipping that contains your personal track & trace link so you can follow your package. For the Netherlands this email will also state during which part of the day (no 100% guarantee) your package will be delivered. Deliveries take place from Monday to Saturday, between 09.00 and 20.00.

It is not possible to request a specific time.

In case of absence, a “not at home message” note will be left by the driver. When this happens you can make an appointment by telephone or online for a new delivery or you can decide to pick up the package yourself. After a second failed delivery the package will be held for 1 week at the closest pick up point.

If no action is taken during 8 days, the package will be returned to SoapQueen. In case you desire a resend of the package, another administration- and shipping fee will be charged. 

If specified in your order (in the comment field at step 2 of 4), the package can also be delivered to the neighbors of your choice. Please provide only one address.

NOTE! Depending on the circumstances the driver can decide to deliver at your neighbor on his/her own initiative. A note will be left in your mailbox stating at which neighbor the package was delivered.

In case you do not want this, you can specify this in the comments of the order module (step 2 of 4).

Packages must not be left unattended. A signature must always be made for receipt in connection with the insurance.


6. Damage and errors

We advice to take and send us pictures of the package in case of wrong delivering, damage or external damage on the package, together with a copy of your packing note. Based on these photo’s SoapQueen can take the necessary action.

We cannot compensate without a copy or scan of the original packing note.

Reporting of damage needs to take place within eight days after delivery.


7. Insurance

All packages are automatically ensured up to 500 Euro per package.


8. Pick-up orders

Since 01-03-2018 it is no longer possible to place takeaway orders


9. Backorders or re-deliveries

If a product is not in stock at the time of shipment, this product can be placed in backorder. In other words: a back order is a free re-delivery.

  • Possible with orders from 125, -
  • For smaller orders or on request, the purchase amount will be refunded.


10. Returns

It is possible to return, within 14 days after delivering, if one or more ordered product(s) does not meet your expectations. Returning is possible under the condition that the products are not used, not damaged and complete. They have to be returned in their original state and packing provided with an invoice of packing note.

Note: not all products can be returned.



11. Terms and conditions contests

SoapQueen organizes contests and Facebook Win-promotions on a regular basis. The following conditions apply to all our contests and Win-promotions, despite otherwise indicated.

  • One participant can win two prices. The prices won are valid until the indicated date in line with the conditions.
  • The winner or the prices can neither be contested nor debated.
  • SoapQueen has the right to disqualify participants who do not abide the rules. The price will then be awarded to the next best participant.
  • SoapQueen is at all times entitled to cease, adjust the contest and/or withdraw prices without SoapQueen being held to pay any kind of damages.
  • Prices cannot be converted to cash.

Specific conditions can apply per competition and will be mentioned additionally. 


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