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Alcohol Ketonatus 70% - OVL02

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Description: A spray bottle or refill with chirurgic alcohol. Alcohol is an indispensable basic product for creating cosmetics. It is very important to always have clean and disinfected work surfaces, tools and jars in order to prevent contamination and bacteria growth.

Use by melt & pour soap:

  • Air bubbles in the soap will be removed easily by spraying a few times on the soap surface right after pouring the soap in the molds.
  • Apply a small layer of alcohol on a layer of soap prior to pouring the next layer of soap. This will ensure that the soap layers are better attached.

Common use:

  • Desinfection of the skin surface.
  • Cleanse of medical instruments
  • Removal of perfume spots or felt pen etcetera.

Name: Alcohol Ketonatus 70% - (spiritus ketonatus dilutus)

Trade name: Medisept

CAS: 67-17-5


  • Bottle with spray 100 ml
  • Refill bottle 500 ml
  • Refill bottle 1 liter

Safety information:

  • Highly flammable liquid.
  • Causes severe eye irritation.
  • Keep away from open fire, lit cigarettes or hot surfaces.
  • Keep in tightly closed and on a ventilated place.
  • Keep cool and locked, away from children.
  • When in contact with eyes: rinse carefully with water for several minutes. If eye irritation persists, consult a doctor. 



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