Glycerin soap - melt & pour soap base - white - sweat free - Crystal WLS - GGB02

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The old formula from 2008 was taken out of production by the manufacturer and replaced by this new SLS-free formula.

Description: This extra white and sweat free melt & pour soap is specially designed for decorative purposes, however it is suitable for cosmetic use as well. It is ideal for the creation of soap chains and decorative soaps.

In a molten state this soap is extra thin, which makes it utterly suitable for very detailed and little soap molds.

This soap has a lower melting temperature than our white Crystal WST basis. Meaning that it takes longer before the soaps starts to congeal. Due to this the soap has a longer processing time and in case of a higher ambient temperature the soap stays softer.


  • vegetable base
  • no paraben
  • SLS-free
  • clear basis and ensures a beautiful white color
  • very foamy
  • superior color stability, even with high temperatures
  • neutral fragrance and optimal color retention
  • lower melting temperature and longer processing period
  • soft structure and easily editable
  • superior decorative characteristics
  • sweat free formula*
  • not tested on animals

*Sweat-free: even a sweat-free soap has the likelihood to perspire in certain circumstances. Using fragrance oils or colorants from another brand or supplier, or exceeding the maximum melting temperature of 75 °C can cause sweating of the soap.  A third cause for perspiring is when too much water is added, which puts the formula out of balance. Since we do not have the option to control whether this soap is edited correctly or not, we cannot guarantee for 100% that this soap will not perspire.

The microwave increases the chance of sweating as well as the temperature on some parts of the soap will raise far too high, which also causes the imbalance of the formula. The presence of fragrance oils and colorants increases the chance that the soap perspires as well. 

Keep in mind that the so-called ‘sweat’ is not similar to condensation or moisture during the cooling process. 

Sweat = moisture deriving from the soap forming droplets on the surface of the soap.

Condensing = moisture from air on a product which is brought from a cold setting into a warmer one. 

Ingredients (INCI): Glycerin, Sodium Stearate, Sorbitol, Sodium Laurate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Citric Acid,Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Sodium Citrate, Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate, Tetrasodium Etidronate

Natural Origin Content (ISO 16128-1:2016): 89.51%


Packaging from 1 kg: Microwave-resistant plastic container with a sealed lid.

Packaging 500g: Cellophane foil wrap.

(if necessary, ask via comments to supply an empty 1 kg container)

When purchased multiple package units it is possible to make a combination of the white and transparent soap with the same price advantages. Please specify your preference in the comment section (step 2 out of 4 in the order module)

Wholesale Melt and Pour soap sweat free:

bulk 1 = 1 mini pallet - 288 x 1 kg

bulk 2 = 1 block pallet - 864 x 1 kg

Delivery time bulk orders: 2 up to 5 weeks

Producer: Stephenson Group


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