Cosmetic colorant - pigment solution - red - KCP06

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We no longer pre-mix pigments, due to the limited shelf life.

If you want to mix red pigment with oil or glycerine, you can order the following pigments:

Pure color pigment - red (bright) - CI 12490 - KZP05

Pure color pigment - red (dark) - CI 16035 - KZP10

Description: High quality liquid cosmetic pigment colorant specifically for soap and cosmetic products.

This intense, red colorant is highly concentrated and made on the basis of organic glycerin and can be used perfectly in a white-based soap.

The colorant can speckle and loose its transparency when used in transparent soap. In order to avoid this, it is advised to combine transparent soap base with a bit of white soap base.

Color left: White soap base with little colorant.

Color middle: Mixture of white- and transparent soap base with a lot of colorant.

Color right: Transparent soap base with little colorant.

This pigment solution can be used in wax melts or CP-soap. For this, you first need to mix the liquid well and dissolve it in Castor Oil using an emulsifier.

Not suitable for bath fizz products. For this we recommend the water-soluble colors (KCW)

Package: Transparent plastic squeeze bottle with a dropper.

Size: 10 ml - 20 ml - 60 ml - 100 ml - 250 ml - 500 ml - 1 liter - 5 kg (4 liter)

Chemical name:  CI 12490 (pigment rood 5)

CAS: 6410-41-9

INCI: Glycerin, CI 12490 (3%), Phenoxyethanol (1%)

Category 1: Suitable for all cosmetic products. 



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