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Description: Excellent PEG-free emulsifier, which has a HLB* of 14,5.


The HLB-value can be used in order to predict the scope of a surface-active substance:

  • HLB-values between 0 and 3 are typical for anti-foaming products.  
  • HLB-values between 2 and 8 indicate a water-in-oil emulsifier (the HLB-value is most suitable between 4 and 6) 
  • HLB-values between 8 and 18 indicate an oil-in-water emulsifier.


  • Suitable for cold & warm production processes.
  • Does not increase the viscosity, but is compatible with a variety of (natural) thickeners.  
  • This product is liquid and does not need to be preheated which makes it easy in use.
  • Functions as a self-emulsifying system in bath oils as soon as it is brought in contact with water.
  • Good emollient
  • “24 h moisturizing “.
  • Suitable for almost all personal care products.
  • Gives a good temperature stable emulsion both with warm and cold fluctuations.
  • Cost effective with interesting price depending on the purchase.
  • Suitable for Eco Cert. Nature, BDIH, OKO test and other natural label products.

INCI: Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate

CAS number: 160391-93-5



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