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Botanic INCI: Pinus Sylvestris Leaf 

Synonym: Pinus nigra Twig Leaf, European black pine extract

Description: Pinus nigra is a large coniferous evergreen tree, growing to 20–55 metres (66–180 ft) tall at maturity. The bark is grey to yellow-brown, and is widely split by flaking fissures into scaly plates, becoming increasingly fissured with age. The leaves ("needles") are thinner and more flexible in western populations. 

Extraction: Pinus Nigra Twig Leaf Oil is an essential oil obtained from the twigs leaves of the Pine, Pinus nigra, Pinaceae 


  • Fragrance component used in cosmetic products
  • Medicinal use
  • Aromatherapy applications 

Properties:  Analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and antiinflammatory. It is primarily used to deodorise, cleanse, disinfect and to freshen. 

Helps with: Respiratory and circulatory disorders when vapourised & for muscle and tissue damage when used in massage.

Origin: Austria

CAS: 8023-99-2 / 90082-74-9 

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