Cosmetic colorant - pigment solution - blue - KCP02

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Description: High quality liquid cosmetic pigment colorant specifically for soap and cosmetic products.

This blue colorant can be used perfectly in a white-based soap.

The colorant can speckle and loose its transparency when used in transparent soap. In order to avoid this, it is advised to combine transparent soap base with a bit of white soap base.

Color left: White soap base with little colorant.

Color middle: Mixture of white- and transparent soap base with a lot of colorant.

Color right: Transparent soap base with little colorant.

This pigment solution can be used in wax melts or CP-soap. For this, you first need to mix the liquid well and dissolve it in Castor Oil using an emulsifier.  

Package: Transparent plastic squeeze bottle with a dropper.

Size: 10 ml - 20 ml - 60 ml - 100 ml - 250 ml - 500 ml - 1 liter - 5 liter

Chemical name:  CI 74160 (Phthalocyanine blue)

INCI: Glycerin, Aqua, CI 74160 (5%), Phenoxyethanol (1%)

Category 1: Suitable for all cosmetic products. 



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