SQ Glow - Pure color pigment - Zinc sulfide - Yellow Green - KOC077

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Description: This 100% pure and natural color pigment loads in the daylight and glows in the dark. Zinc Sulfide is a inorganic compound of zinc and sulfur. It is a white/yellow crystal powder. It occurs in nature as the minerals Zincblend and Wurtzite. Zinc Sulfide is prepared by reacting Zinc and sulfur. The almost insoluble Zinc Sulfide then precipitates and can be filtered out of the solution.


  • Micronized.
  • Does not contain nanoparticles. 
  • Does not contain animal products.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Guaranteed 100% child labor-free.
  • Glows in dark spaces.
  • Suitable for cosmetic applications.
  • Warranty Declaration.


SQ Glow is no final product but a raw material (color pigment) for the production of cosmetic raw materials. 

Protection & safety: With frequent use of SQ Glow, always wear a facemask and safety glasses. SQ Glow is not harmful and of highest purity. However, a fine micro powder can cause irritation of the respiratory tract in case inhaled repeatedly. It can irritate the eyes when brought in contact with the micro powder repeatedly as well. 

TIP: Avoid lumps by not adding the pigments directly to the basic product. First mix the pigments with the to be added fragrance oil, essential oil, basis oil or Glycerin. 

Use: Soap, melt & pour soap, creams, bath fizz, make-up, nail art, color gel, acryl powder, etc. 

Purity: High purity - Cosmetic quality.

Can be used safely in cosmetic products and make-up. 

Not suitale for nutrients or internal use.  

Grain: 35-45 microns

Density (20°C): 1,78 g/ml

INCI: Zinc Sulfide (CI 77975)

CAS: 68611-70-1



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