SQ Pure color pigment - Titanium Dioxide - Extra White - KOC014

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Description: White powder pigment colorant for soap and cosmetics. Used as UV-filter in creams as well.

Can be used safely in makeup.

Meets the purity criteria of E171.

Does not contain nanoparticles (micronized)

In case the pure color pigment is used for glycerin soap it is advised to dissolve the powder in glycerin first. (possibly dilute with water (50/50) in order to limit the glycerin content in the soap, which prevents sweating)

Glycerin can be ordered at other liquids.

Titanium dioxide can be used in wax melts and CP-soap as well. For this you will first have to mix the pigment powder in Castor oil.

Castor oil can be ordered at oils and butters.

INCI: Titanium Dioxide / Titaniumdioxide

Chemical name: CI 77891

Weight: 5g - 10g - 20g - 60g - 100g - 250g - 500g - 1kg - 5kg - 25kg


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