Fragrance oil for cosmetics / soaps / melts - Forget-me-nots - GOG076

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Description: This fragrance oil is specially created for soap, bath salts and cosmetic products. It can be used for potpourri as well.

Nature: These little blue delicate flowers provide a large fragrance delight! Flowery, fresh and spicy. This subtle fragrance keeps you imprisoned, and is true to its name.  Forget Me Not…. 

Color: Due to the frequent use of natural ingredients in our fragrance oils, the color of the perfume can differ per production. Always add the fragrance oil first and color the soap afterwards. Use of high doses of darker fragrance oils in white soap can affect the color tone. In order to keep the soap white, one can add some extra titanium dioxide (white pigment).

Use: Bath salts, cosmetics, melt & pour soap, potpourri.



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