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Botanic INCI: Ocimum Basilicum Oil

Family: labiatae

Part used: the plant

Description: Basil originates from the far East, and reached our latitudes in the 16th century. In India Basil (in this case ocimum sanctum L.) is known as Tulsi. Hindus consider this as a holy plant, which the Englishmen used in place of the Bible for Hindus to take an oath. Until today, Tulsi is cultivated everywhere around Vishnu Temples. 

The name Basil would have been derived from the Greek balileus, which stands for king. A royal herb. According to a legend the name basil was derived from the basilic, a dragon which was so evil that his gaze could kill. Basil would be an antidote against this. 

The traditional Italian lover wears a basil twig in his hair, in order to indicate that he plans to marry his beloved. 

Basil was not always popular: the French doctor Hilarius argued that, only by smelling Basil, a scorpion may be born in the brains. 

It is a annual plant that loves warmth and absolutely does not tolerate frost. In contradiction to the other labiates, which remain their flavor under difficult conditions of life, Basil loses its flavor in case it is not grown in its ideal environment.  

In the southern kitchen basil is widely used, especially in combination with tomato dishes. In phytotherapy basil is rarely used. 

Characteristics – indications:

Bactericide - fungicide - antispasmodic - anti-inflammatory - anxiety - depression - dizziness - sedative - nervous asthenia - migraine - exhaustion - nervous insomnia - nerve tonic - anosmia - respiratory diseases, generally - colds - bronchitis - varicose veins - aerophagia - digestif - gastritis - intestinal cramps - nervous dyspepsia - obesity - constipation - vomiting - viral hepatitis - prostatitis - emmanogum - adrenal cortex: tonic - polyarthritis


Spray – bath – massage – ingestion


Negative: anxiety, defeatism

Positive: power, understanding, especially during transitions


pineen - linalool - eugenol - 85% methyl chavicol - methyl eugenol - phenylacetate - linalyl acetate - 1,8-cineol - camphor


a colorless or light yellow liquid with a light sweet anise-like fragrance. 

Volatility:  overtone

Combinable with:  bergamot, geranium, lavender, peppermint, rosewood, clary sage.

Origin: Egypt

CAS: 84775-71-3 / 8015-73-4

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