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Due to our freshness guarantee, this batch will be sold out with a 50% DISCOUNT.

Shelf life: +/- 9 - 12 months

Contents: 5 kg (5,5 liter)

NB!! Only limited stock.


Description: Soy oil is a beautiful gently spreading oil and is perfectly fine for moisturizing emulsions, body creams and massage oils.

The oil is actually suitable for every skin type and absorbs quickly. A pleasant soft skin sensation is what is left. Soy oil is very much suitable as bath oil for people with a sensitive, irritated or dry to very dry skin. Regularly bathing with this oil has a restorative effect. This oil is rich in vitamin A, B, D and E, numerous minerals, lecithin, phytosterols, and linoleic acid. The oil is nutritive and cell constructive for every skin.

Production: Expeller pressed (60-95 °C), filtered, refined.

Purity: It is a food grade product, hoewever, we only pack and sell it as cosmetic raw material. 

The 25 kg package is packed on food grade level. 

Origin: United States

Size: 5 kg

Wholesale Soy oil: 5 kg - 25 kg - 100 kg - 250 kg - 500 kg - 1000 kg

INCI: Glycine Soja Seed Oil

CAS: 8001-22-7

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