Fragrance oil / perfume - SQ Goldy Million (inspired by Gold Rush Lady Million) - GOP102

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Description: This oil-miscible fragrance or perfume is strongly concentrated and especially designed for soap, cosmetics and bath products. 

Can be used in candles, melts, potpourri and for the creation of your own perfume spray as well.  

Mix 10% to 25% perfume with alcohol in case of creating perfume.  

Origin: The SQ Goldy Million fragrance is inspired by *Paco Rabanne “Gold Rush Lady Million”.  Meaning that it will not be completely the same fragrance,  however it will strongly smell like it.

* Gold Rush Lady Million, a femme fatale that uses her scent to seduce but always keeps it light. A show girl, an Eau girl. On stage in a watery, golden and breathtaking freshness that shines like a diamond. A floral and flirtatious fragrance. Exotic and green.

Quality: cosmetic

Use: soap, creams, butters, bath products, melts, candles and perfume spray.  



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