SQ Fluo - Orange - KNM050

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Description: Synthetic pigment. This pure color pigment is suitable as raw material in cosmetic products and soap. This pigments are very stable and ready for safe usage in cosmetic products.


  • Micronized.
  • Does not contain nanoparticles.
  • Does not contain animal products.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Guaranteed 100% child labor free.
  • Pearlescent effect on transparent soap.
  • Suitable for cosmetic applications.
  • Warranty Declaration.


SQ Fluo is not a final product. It is a raw material (color pigment) for the production of cosmetic products.

Protection & safety: Keep in mind to wear a facemask and safety glasses when used frequently. The color powders are of highest purity and not harmful. However, it can cause irritation of the respiratory tract in case the fine mica powder was inhaled repeatedly. If brought in contact with the eyes it could also cause eye irritation.

TIP: Do not add the pigment directly to the commodity product in order to avoid lumps. First mix the pigments with the fragrance oil, essential oil, basic oil or Glycerin.

Purpose: Soap, melt & pour soap, lip balm, crèmes, bath fizz, make-up, nail art, color gel, acryl powder etc.

Purity: High purity – Cosmetic quality.

Not suitable for nutrients or internal use.

INCI: Polyester-3*, CI 19140.

*Polyester-3 is a polymer formed by the reaction of ethylene glycol, terephthalic acid, isophthalic acid, cyclohexanedimethanol and norboranediamine.

Grain: 1 - 2 microns


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