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Bentonite Clay - Food Grade - OGR13

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Description: A 100% natural soft clay mineral of volcanic ash. Bentonite clay of Montmorilloniet is a very soft phyllosilicate mineral clay with as typical characteristic that it is constructed out of microscopic crystals. The clay is named after Montmorillon in France. This clay has a high percentage of sodium in the crystal lattice and is classified as sodium bentonite.

Mixing in water: Bentonite clay does not dissolve in water. To mix the clay as well as possible one can use a beater or a blender.

Suggestion for cosmetic use: Due to the price difference you can also use our "non-food grade" cosmetic variant for cosmetic purposes. Bentonite clay - Cosmetic – OGR08

Origin: Wyoming USA

Purity: It is a *food grade product, but is packaged and sold by us as a cosmetic raw material.

*Meets the purity requirements of E558.

 This product was extensively tested for heavy metals. (See COA at the bottom of this page)

Does not contain any material and has not been brought in contact with materials of: animal source materials or GGO materials. Produced without the use of metal catalysts, reagents or solvents. The product is natural and free from added materials.

Weight: 100 g - 250 g - 500 g - 1 kg - 5 kg - 20 kg

Bulk: 240 kg - 1.000 kg

Grain size: 30 microns

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Bentoniet Klei - Bentopharm Standard - Food Grade - OGR13

Bentonite softens the intestine and has a positive effect on enteritis. It works as medicinal clay, but it does more. Bentonite works as a sponge and absorbs the toxic in the alimentary canal. Bentonite is able to hold onto the 180-fold of its weight on toxic gasses, bacteria and parasites as well as it loosens and removes the bowel slice from the body. Bentonite relieves the liver and the kidneys. Bentonite protects the intestine. Bentonite improves the excretion of mercury. Bentonite protects for danger of radioactivity. The harmful substances absorbed by Bentonite leave the body via bowel movement. Bentonite harmonizes the intestinal flora. Bentonite ensures a soft bowel cleansing on to the colon. Simultaneously it creates intestinal flora. Festering wounds heal quickly with Bentonite. Ingestion of Bentonite brings a protective layer to the mucous membrane in the stomach and intestine. This reduces the force of pathogenic factors as well as stomach and intestinal irritation. The human body can discharge enormous amounts of hazardous toxic waste trough the kidneys and intestines.


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