Pure color pigment - Titanium Dioxide - White - KZP06

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Description: White pigment colorant, powdered, for soap and cosmetics. Used as UV-filter in creams as well.

Does not contain nanoparticles (micronized)

When used for glycerin soap it is advised to dissolve the powder in glycerin first. (Possibly diluted with water (50/50) in order to limit the glycerin content in the soap, which prevents sweating)

Glycerin can be ordered at other liquids.

Titanium dioxide can be used in wax melts or CP-soap as well. For this you will first have to mix the pigment powder in Castor oil.

Castor oil can be ordered at oils and butters.

Weight: 20 g - 60 g - 100 g - 250 g - 500 g - 1 kg

INCI: Titanium Dioxide / Titaniumdioxide

Chemical name: CI 77891

Can be used safely in makeup.

Meets the purity criteria of E171.



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