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Description: Linseed oil is pressed from flax seed. Its output is high. Seven liters of yellow-brown oil derives from 25 kg seed. In order to keep the valuable substances, it is important that the oil is pressed cold. Linseed oil is sensitive to daylight. Light causes an oxidation process, which forms harmful substances causing the oil to become rancid. Therefore the oil is kept best dark and cool and preferably used freshest possible.

The level of Omega-3-fatty acids in Linseed oil is the highest of all oils. It contains as many as 55 per cent alpha linolenic acid. Besides that, Linseed oil contains another 17 per cent linolenic, an omega-6-fatty oil, and around 20 per cent oleic acid, an omega-9-fatty acid. Omega-3 and -6- fatty acids are essential fatty oils, meaning that the body cannot produce them itself from other fatty oils. Omega-6-fatty acids are not essential, however, they are important for the body.

Omega-3-fatty acids were over the last couple of years brought to the man as wonder oil. Fish, algae and land plants like Linseed and Borage contain Omega-3-fatty acids. The healing effect of omega-3 has been associated with the heart, brains, joints and premenstrual complaints. Now it is proven to have an effect on the dry skin as well.  

Omega-3-fatty acids have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

A dysfunctional skin-barrier is the cause of a dry skin. There is a great lack of moisture and fats. This allows irritating substances from the outside to infiltrate the skin. The skin responds to that with redness and itching.

The Institute for Experimental Dermatology in Germany conducted a placebo concentrated test with three groups of women with Linseed- and Borage oil. The dose was 2.2 gram per day. After 12 weeks the skin of the group who used the Linseed oil had 35% less irritation, the Borage-group noticed even 45% less inflammatory reactions. Both groups showed an increase of hydration of the skin whilst the redness and dryness of the skin reduced. These changes were not noticed in the placebo group.

Purity: Suitable for cosmetics and ingestion. (Pharmaceutical / food grade)

INCI: Linum usitatissimum

CAS: 8001-26-1

Size: 100 ml - 250 ml - 500 ml - 1 liter - 5 liter - 25 liter

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