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Description: Mango butter is refined from the kern of the mango. Mango butter is rich in vitamins A and E as well as in allantoïne*, and belongs to the non-drying oils. It is absorbed by the skin slowly and makes the skin sleek and smooth. The oil binds moisture in the skin and therefore protects the skin against dehydration.

As the name says, the oil is a butter-like substance at room temperature and becomes liquid only above 30 °C.

*Allantoïne has the same effect as ‘keratinolytic’. Keratin is a protein that exists in our hair and in the upper cell layer of our skin (epidermis). Allantoïne softens keratin, which improves the ability of the skin to retain water. This makes the skin more moisture, softer and smoother. Allantoïne also solves the ‘glue’ between the dead skin cells, causing the dead cell layer to disappear. It also creates a smooth surface on the skin. Because of the removal of the upper layer of dead skin cells, the production of new cells is stimulated.

Allantoïne is a popular ingredient in beauty products because it is, by using a percentage of 0,5 - 2,0, proved to be effective for:

  • prevention of diaper rash,
  • protects the dry, irritated or chapped skin or lips,
  • softens the skin with burns, a sunburned skin, small incisions and scrapes,
  • softens cold sores and blisters,
  • stimulates the production of new cells, causing the acceleration of wound healing,
  • hydrates the skin and improves the skin texture.

Production: Expeller pressed (60-95 °C), filtered, refined.

Purity: Cosmetic quality.

Origin: India

Weight: 100 g - 250 g - 500 g - 1 kg - 5 kg - 25 kg

INCI: Mangifera Indica Seed Butter

CAS: 90063-86-8

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