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Botanic: Styrax benzoin

Part used: resin

Normal use :


This variant is diluted in order to liquefy the substance and to make it easily workable. NOT suitable for candles or CP-soap due to the present thinner DPG. Therefore use the undiluted and pure Benzoe. 

Concentration: 25%

Description: Benzoin is a thick and syrupy substance with a deep brown color and a fragrance, which strongly reminds you of vanilla. Styrax benzoin is a large tropical tree, which can reach over 20 meters high. Benzoin is a resin type, derived from the young trees from the on Sumatra, Java and India growing Styrax Benzoin Dryrand. The resin is formed when the tree is felled. The tree then separates a balmy product. The resin has a strong smell of vanilla and is soluble in alcohol. It contains 20% benzoin acid and only a little amount of essential oil. It is mostly used in the perfume industry, medicines and in the colorant industry (aniline blue). Previously, it was widely used for sublimation of benzoic acid, a preservative, however, today it is almost exclusively produced synthetically. Benzoin softens everything that is hard. It makes the human less vulnerable and is beneficial to irritability, nervous depression and stress. 

Benzoin can be helpful in the following circumstances; cuts, fissures, skin inflammation, arthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, the common cold, colic, coughing, laryngitis, flu, stress, irritability, nervousness, cough, pre-menstrual syndrome. Benzoin wards off inflammation and is antiseptic, astringent and wound healing.

Psychic: Benzoin oil provides rest and peace to those who are mentally overwrought. This oil lightens and purifies the atmosphere of negative thoughts. Benzoin essence provides energy and has an uplifting ad euphoric effect. 

Psychological: The benzoin type feels threatened in his individuality. The causes may lie in a childhood in which one has had to contend with a restless, argumentative or unpleasant family atmosphere. This type must detach themselves from emotional ties of the past and learn to see life not as an enemy, but rather as a friend. He/she will be happy if he/she is not swayed by emotions but treats the problems from a mental level.

Spiritual: Benzoin acts directly on the root chakra, which is therefore powerfully stimulated. Use benzoin if you feel the need of larger physical power and energy. Simultaneously Benzoin works calming and relaxing. This oil is therefore utterly suitable for expelling anger. If you consider that you are angry, if it is almost impossible to heal, to meditate or to do something else of spiritual value, understand that Benzoin truly is a valuable resource.

INCI: Dipropylene Glycol, Styrax Benzoin Resin Extract

CAS: 110-98-5 / 25265-71-8 / 84929-79-3

Allergenen: Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol.

SDS    IFRA    ALL    SPEC    PS


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