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Larger quantities can be ordered again from the end of May 2022.

Description: Xanthan is a fine powder derived from the fermentation of sugar. It functions very well as stabilizator in cosmetics and is a perfect natural thickening for creams, fluid soap, shower gel and shampoo. 

Xanthan loses its working quite quickly if it is heated over 30 degrees. Therefore it is solved best in cold or lukewarm water.

CAS: 11138-66-2

Weight: 25 g - 50 g - 100 g - 250 g - 500 g - 1 kg - 5 kg - 25 kg

Recommended dose: 0,5% to 2%

Purity: This product is food grade, however, we sell and pack it as cosmetic raw material.  

Storage advice: Cool, dry and away from heat and light. 

INCI: Xanthan Gum

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