- BC OFFER - Rebatch soap base - sustainable palm oil - 100% natural - GGB19 - 11,5 kg

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Maximum 4 x 11,5 kg per order.

From the 5th package you pay the normal price.

This BC Offer runs as long as the stock lasts.

*Order amount from € 250,- including 21% VAT before deduction of discount.

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Description: A lovely soft and well foaming 100% natural and vegetal rebatch soap bar with a high level of glycerin due to saponification of palm and palm kernel oil. The used palm oil is RSPO certified (100% sustainable).

This rebatch soap is specially designed to provide the option of creating "cold process" soap without having to use the dangerous Sodium hydroxide. 

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  • contributes to a healthy environment due to the 100%tural and RSPO certified palm oil.  www.rspo.org
  • very rich in glycerin (Formed during the saponification of oils)
  • extra soft and very well foaming. 
  • superior color stability, even at high temperatures.
  • made of 100% natural ingredients
  • no parabens
  • no phenoxyethanol
  • no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS-free)
  • no Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES-free)
  • PEG-free
  • no propylene glycol
  • vegetal basis
  • moisturizing due to high level of glycerin which gives a fine sense to the skin
  • natural fragrance for optimal fragrance absorption
  • not tested on animals


Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Palmate*, Aqua, Sodium Palm Kernelate*, Glycerin**, Sorbitol, Coconut Acid, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate.

*Derived from 100% RSPO certified Palm- and Palm kernel oil.

**Derived from the Palm oil and Palm kernel oils during the saponification process. 

Certificate No. BMT-RSPO-000008


Package: 9 kg - foldable cardboard box with closing cover

>>> available in 1 kg bars as well

Bulk 1 = mini pallet - 24 x 9 kg

Bulk 2 = block pallet - 96 x 9 kg

Delivery time bulk orders: 2 to 5 weeks

Producer: Stephenson Group


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